Building trust, shaping the future

Trust is composite : it spreads on different levels, ranging from an individual's self-confidence to trust on a societal level. We have illustrated this "architecture of Trust" in the graphic below :

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The various Trust situations can be grouped into four main categories :


  1. The first of these (the first three levels) deals with building Trust in the individual and in the relationships between individuals through direct information.
  2. The second (the next two levels) deals with building Trust between individuals and business through global information.
  3. The third (level six) deals with building Trust between organizations (companies, public bodies, etc.).
  4. The fourth (the last two levels) deals with building Trust outside business in larger systems such as institutions and nations.

Trust in the modern sense is built up through a dialogue that begins with measuring Trust, for which one has to have the right measurement tools. Stratorg and TMI have developed tools for most of the Trust situations described in this graphic.


Here are the ones that we use most frequently:

  1. The « Climat de Confiance® » (Climate of Trust) in a business
  2. The Contrat Invisible® in a business
  3. Trust and labour relations
  4. Trust within a team
  5. Trust between partner organizations