Building trust, shaping the future

After 14 years of research and practical experience, Stratorg and its international research foundation, The Trust Management Institute (TMI), claim a unique position by offering business the valuable opportunity to “build a sustainable competitive advantage through Trust”.

Our credo :

Trust gives people the capacity individually and collectively to reduce complexity through their ability to commit themselves while accepting the risk that one cannot be all-knowing.
In tomorrow’s economic and technological world, Trust will be the most effective way of dealing with complexity on three fronts: economic, digital and sociological. Trust is now a driving force behind success, both human and economic.

How do we define Trust ?

Everybody strives for and desires Trust. But what is Trust ?
For us, Trust is the art of allaying fears, reducing inhibitions, easing friction between people and increasing the level of commitment.
Trust is not something you impose; it must be built up in a clear-headed manner. It includes the possibility of error and risk. It relies on the conscientiousness of two parties in a relationship. It measures its own progress and results. It is built on both its successes and its failures.

What can we expect from Trust ?

For senior managers who are of their time, building Trust is not about jumping on a new managerial bandwagon or indulging in some self-serving exercise, but simply about doing their job: developing a sustainable and inimitable competitive advantage by creating ‘short cuts’ in people’s relationships with each other that no ‘process’ could ever generate.