Building trust, shaping the future

The process of building Trust is a journey; everyone must be on board……

  • Building Trust is a journey, a voyage of discovery even

    It is possible to change positions or behaviour through reasoned and courageous action, but it is not so easy to change the beliefs, convictions and profound motivations that have grown up in a business over time.
    Corporate life and changes in organization or direction that are needed can regularly disrupt this foundation, resulting in powerful resistance that it is essential to identify, understand and discuss in order to consciously construct new bases.
    This journey requires a proper road map, with a ‘photo’ of the departure point and a ‘vision’ of the end point. The road taken is determined by the awareness and commitment involved along the way.

  • Moreover, the journey must involve everyone

    Over the fifteen years that we have been researching in this area in a large number of businesses and set-ups, we have come to realize that the quality of any Trust-based transformation obtained following our analyses is directly related to the number of people who have made the ‘journey’.
    By supporting such a collective approach, the senior management is already passing on a clear message of Trust to the organization. This impetus alone can sometimes initiate a virtuous circle of Trust. It is for this purpose that Stratorg has developed tools – specifically latest-generation digital tools – that help to built Trust on a large scale.