Building trust, shaping the future

For more than ten years, Stratorg has been heading up a think tank and action group on Trust.
Its members were aware of the importance of completing our analyses and work in the humanities and social sciences, and raising awareness as widely as possible. This was why Stratorg founded the Trust Management Institute in 2011.
The purpose of this endowment trust is to build a ‘bridge’ between, on one side the field of humanities and social sciences research (which observes and interprets how the world is changing), and on the other side business and senior management. These are two areas that rarely come into contact with each other.
By canvassing the opinion of academics and prominent figures (sociologists, historians, philosophers and economists), our aim is to analyse the impact that the major trends in western society are having on organizations.
In this way, we hope to provide our partner businesses with the keys to understanding these issues, which will inform their strategy.