Building trust, shaping the future

Interacting with all the parties involved in labour relations
Stratorg’s labour relations philosophy and ambition is to build bridges between the parties involved to bring about an honest and efficient dialogue about business, and how it is evolving and being transformed.
This is one of the ways in which Stratorg has differentiated itself since it was founded in 1981, and today it is essential because building such bridges compensates (at least partly) for the ill of our time which leads businesses to adopt a short-termist attitude. This attitude makes it more difficult for the management and employee representatives to have a meaningful dialogue. Relations are all too easily focused on form (the pressure to ‘get things done quickly’ regardless of how complicated the issue is), and in response this sometimes leads to tension regarding procedural deadlines.

Our vocation is to build a bridge designed to:

a) Make sense of the situation

  1. To clarify the elements underlying the management’s choices (strategic, economic, organizational, etc.) by helping to appraise the external and internal environment
  2. To forecast the effects of the proposed plans, by looking beyond the agreed timetable
  3. To open up a forum for discussion, negotiation and compromise-building

b) Create a willingness for new forms of dialogue, by helping the parties involved in labour relations to observe and revisit their practices.


Stratorg has participated in APRAT (a network of consultants convinced that human development is a decisive factor in the performance of organizations) and RDS (Réalités du Dialogue Social, an association whose purpose is to encourage, foster and promote good labour relations), and has founded the Club Mutualité (a forum for reflection on the mechanisms of labour relations and ways in which they can be improved).