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Agilité Confiance is a Stratorg Group business established in 2015 to deploy Trust between businesses and their key suppliers in industrial networks.

Its credo: to construct networks of excellence that are agile and effective.

Agilité Confiance has developed a working method that benefits from all the power of the collective performance of the contract givers and their suppliers, by focusing on the human factor.
Cooperation is particularly complicated in a network because there are many players involved, and these players can be partners in some areas, and competitors in others.

The conventional response is to organize cooperation as a pyramidal arrangement of bilateral contracts. This does not work in today’s more complex and faster-moving world. Moreover, it ignores one essential fact: an industrial network is made up of several extended enterprises (groups formed by a contract giver and its key suppliers), each of which is competing on a strategic playing field against other extended enterprises.

The challenge for an extended enterprise is to start behaving like a single entity, internally fostering methods to oversee, organize and encourage the people involved to work together beyond the execution of bilateral contracts.

Agilité Confiance has developed an approach and tools that deal with these challenges, by looking beyond the process to focus on the human factor. The resulting increased level of Agility and Trust, enables the parties involved to take risks collectively and innovate more than businesses that remain organized along more conventional lines.


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