Building trust, shaping the future

Trust management advisors


In 2015, Stratorg Group started up a business dedicated specifically to creating Trust in business: The Trust Management Advisors (TMA). This business, in the pipeline since 2011, was created to meet a specific need in businesses that have decided to make Trust a deliberate strategic choice and to introduce and build up this trust systematically through the use of tools to ensure that Trust does not remain a desirable but unappealing concept or is simply the subject of endless managerial seminars which do nothing but help destroy the management’s faith in Trust.

TMA assists with a business’s transformation, eliciting increased commitment from its workforce, reducing operating costs, bringing about cultural integration after a merger, etc., all working in synthesis to improve the business’s socio-economic performance.

TMA operates in any type of organization, using highly experienced senior advisors backed by digital tools to fulfil the essential function of restoring responsibility to the company’s management, particularly its middle management.